1st September 2014

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"The Sound Of Young America"

Flannel Gurl Records 2014

(white vinyl  /100)

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31st August 2014

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Sub Pop 1993

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31st August 2014


Anonymous said: would you ever do flac rips of some of the out of print eoay/sdf stuff?

Haven’t done before, so I don’t know how. But it’s something I’d look into.

30th August 2014

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Seein Red

"We Need To Do More Than Just Music"

Ebullition Records 2005

(red vinyl  /2000)

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29th August 2014

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Sex Pistols

"Nevermind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols"

Virgin Records 1977

(first press)

Tagged: sex pistolsnevermind the bollocks here's the sex pistolsvirgin recordspunknevermind the bollocks1977vinylrecordsrecord collectionJohnny rottonsid viciousJohn Lydonglen matlocksteve jonespaul cook

28th August 2014

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The Promise Ring

"Falsetto Keeps Time"

Jade Tree Records 1996

(“falsetto rings true” mispress)

Tagged: the promise ringFalsetto Keeps Timejade tree records90s emoemoreal emopunkdavey vonbohlencap'n jazzvinylrecordsrecord collection

27th August 2014

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"Here’s Where The Strings Come In"

Merge Records 1995

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26th August 2014

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End Of A Year Self Defense Family


- Disappear Here - Oneohfive Records 2004

- Sincerely - Slave Union Records / Revelation Records 2006

- You Are Beneath Me - Deathwish Inc. 2010

- Try Me - Deathwish Inc. 2014

——— E.P.’s

- We Understand Europeans Are Sexual People - Black Top Records 2007

- End Of A Year (Or, Descend Bold Traveler) - Deathwish Inc. 2009

- More Songs About Transportation And Intercourse - Hex Records 2010

- The Sorrowful And Immaculate Heart Of Emanuela Orlandi - Disposable Culture 2011

- I Heard Crimes Get You Off b/w To Your Scattered Bodies Go - Run For Cover Records 2011 

- Island Series Vol. I: Jamaica - Deathwish Inc. 2011

- Island Series Vol. II: Iceland - Deathwish Inc. 2012

- You Are Beneath Her - Iron Pier 2013

- The Correction Officer In Me - Family Drugs 2013

- Two Genuine Oddities From Our Distant Past - Driftwood Records 2014

- I Tried To Make Something You Would Enjoy - Triple-B Records 2014


- We Mate For Life (Split With Three Fifteen) - Slave Union Records 2005

- God There Are A Lot Of Check Cashing Places And Pawn Shops In This Town (Split With Fire Team Charlie) - Sticky Translucent Goo 2007  

- That Owl Is Staring At Me (Split With Kids Explode) - Narshardaa Records 2007

- The Most Attractive Band We’ve Done A Split With (Split With Adorno) - Existencia / Pine Records 2008

- Cat Eating Hotdog (Split With Red Tape Parade) - Cobra Records 2008

- But At Least Your Town Has A Lusty Lady (Split With Shook Ones) - Runner Up Records 2008

- Everything I Know About Japan I Learned From Empire Of The Sun And Astro Boy (Split With Segwei) - Closed Casket Activities / Alliance Trax Records 2011

- Girls Fighting With A Fan (Split With Fires) - Troubled Monkey Records 2011

- Building The Railroad Was Serious Business That Cost Many Lives (Split With Stalwart Sons) - Revolution Winter 2013 

- Least Violent Time In Human History (Split With Axis) - Harm Reduction Records 2013

- Self Defense Family / Goodtime Boys - Palm Reader Records 2013

- A Split Seven Inch Between Self Defense Family And Meredith Hunter - Run For Cover Records 2014


- Warm Demo CDr

-Mixed Singles: A Run For Cover Records Compilation - Run For Cover Records 2011

- Dialogues: A Benefit Compilation For Chenoa Manor Animal Santuary - Hydrogen Man Records 2012

- Fourgy - Run For Cover Records / Topshelf Records 2012

- Live From Crazy Fest - Head2Wall Records 2012

- Mixed Signal Vol. I - Run For Cover Records 2013

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25th August 2014

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The Promise Ring

"Very Emergency"

Jade Tree Records 1999

(opaque yellow vinyl  /500)

Tagged: the promise ringvery emergencyjade tree recordsemo90s emoreal emopost hardcorepunkvinylrecordsnothing feels goodrecord collection

24th August 2014


The Lawrence Arms


Epitaph Records 2014

Tagged: the lawrence armsmetropoleEpitaph RecordspunkPop punkepitaphvinylrecordsrecord collection

23rd August 2014

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Parades End

Wordsmith Covenant 1996

Tagged: parades endwordsmith covenantemo90s emopunkhardcorehardcore punkreal emovinylrecordsrecord collection

22nd August 2014

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Dischord 1990

Tagged: fugazirepeaterdischordhardcorepunkpost hardcoreian mackayeguy picciottobrendan cantyjoe lallyvinylrecordsrecord collection

21st August 2014

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Have Heart

"What Counts"

Triple B Records 2014

 (10 year anniversary press - marble orange & white vinyl  /500)

Tagged: have heartwhat countsTriple B Recordshardcorepunkhardcore punkstraight edgesxepat flynnsomething more than inkvinylrecordsrecord collectionbbb records

20th August 2014

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"Rohnert Park LP"

Bridge Nine Records  2010

(first press - clear vinyl  /700)

Society Verse

(first edition)

Tagged: ceremonyrohnert parkbridge nine recordshardcorepunkhardcore punkvinylrecordsrecord collectionsociety verseross farrarBridge 9bridge nine

19th August 2014

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"…And Now Back To Our Programing"

Tribal War Records 1998

Tagged: aus-rotten...and now back to our preogamingtribal war recordspunkcrust punkhardcore punkvinylrecordsrecord collectionanarcho punk