15th September 2014

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Rites Of Spring

Dischord 1985

(first press)

Tagged: rites of springdischordpunkhardcoreemoemocorehardcore punkpost hardcoreemotional hardcoreguy picciottobrendan cantymichael fellowseddie janneyian mackayevinylrecordsrecord collection

14th September 2014

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Tigers Jaw

"Two Worlds"

Run For Cover Records 2010

(first press - light yellow vinyl   /300)

Tagged: tugers jawtwo worldsrun for cover recordspunkreal emoemovinylrecordsrecord collection

14th September 2014

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Gravity Records 1993

Tagged: unwoundgravity recordspunkpost hardcoreindie rockvinylrecordsrecord collection

12th September 2014

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Moon Flower Records 2009

(second press - pink vinyl  /640)

Tagged: givemoon flower recordspunkhardcorehardcore punkpost hardcorevinylrecords

11th September 2014

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Yaphet Kotto

"Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love"

Ebullition Records 2001

Tagged: yaphet kottosyncopated synthetic laments for loveebullition recordsemoreal emoscreamopunkhardcorehardcore punkskramzvinylrecordsrecord collection

11th September 2014

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Sundays Best

"Poised To Break"

Polyvinyl Record Company 2000

Tagged: sundays bestpoised to breakpolyvinyl record company90s emoreal emoemovinylrecordsrecord collectionpoyvinyl records

10th September 2014

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Still Life

"Slow Children At Play"

Rhetoric Records 1994

(8” ep)

Tagged: still lifeslow children at playrhetoric records90s emopunkhardcorereal emoemopost hardcorevinylrecordsrecord collection

10th September 2014

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Jejune / Lazy Cain

"The Boy With The Thorn In His Side b/w Handsome Devil"

Big Wheel Recreation 1999

Tagged: jejunelazy cainthe smithsthe boy with the thorn in his sidehandsome devilbig wheel recreation90s emoemoreal emopunkpost hardcorevinylrecordsrecord collection

9th September 2014

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"Idle Will Kill"

Epitaph 2001

(first press 2014 - pink vinyl  /700)

Tagged: oskeridle will killEpitaph RecordspunkPop punkvinylrecordsrecord collectionepitaph

8th September 2014

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"Worth More Than Your Opinion"

Deathwish Inc. 2014

Tagged: punchworth more than your opiniondeathwish incpunkhardcorehardcore punkpowerviolencedeathwishvinylrecordsrecord collectionpunchcrew

7th September 2014

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Swing Kids / Spanakorzo

(“Fly By Wire”)

Three One G 1995

Tagged: swing kidsspanakorzofly by wireThree One Gpost hardcore90s emopunkhardcoreskramzvinylrecordsrecord collection

6th September 2014

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Sex Pistols

"God Save The Queen b/w Did You No Wrong"

Virgin Records 1977

Tagged: sex pistolsgod save the queendid you no wrongvirgin recordspunkvinylrecordsrecord collection

5th September 2014

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Kittyhawk / Cherry Cola Champions

Flannel Gurl Records 2014

(black vinyl  /175)

Tagged: kittyhawkcherry cola championsflannel gurl recordsemoreal emopunkvinylrecordsrecord collection

4th September 2014

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Trash King Productions 2014

(gold vinyl  /300)

Tagged: protestertrash king productionshardcorepunkhardcore punkstraight edgesxevinylrecordsrecord collectiontrash king

3rd September 2014

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Portraits Of Past / Bleed

Ebullition Records 1994

Tagged: portraits of pastbleedebullition recordspunkpost hardcorescreamoskramzemo90s emoreal emovinylrecordsrecord collectionebullition