29th July 2014

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“Avalon b/w Saying Things Like Wish Or Want”

Electrolux 1996

Tagged: rocketscienceelectrolux records199690s emoemopunkvinylrecordsrecord collectionreal emoAvalonsaying things like wish or want

28th July 2014

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One Hundred Words For Snow

"You Make My Life So Easy"

Roc Quarry Records 1996 

Tagged: one hundred words for snowyou make my life so easyroc quarry records90s emoreal emoemopunkvinylrecordsrecord collection

27th July 2014


The Jazz June

"They Love Those Who Make The Music"

Choke Records / Workshop Records 1997

Tagged: the jazz junethey love those who make the musicchoke recordsworkshop records90s emoreal emoemovinyrecordsrecord collection

26th July 2014

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Government Warning


Grave Mistake / No Way Records 2009

Tagged: Government Warningexecutedgrave mistake recordsno way recordspunkhardcorehardcore punkvinylrecordsrecord collection

25th July 2014

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J Church / The Plungers

Chunksaah Records 2005

Tagged: j churchthe plungerschunksaah recordspunkPop punklance hahnvinylrecordsrecord collection

24th July 2014

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Keep It Clear

"A Lesson That You’re Gonna Learn"

React Records 2014

(maroon vinyl  /350)

Tagged: keep it cleara lesson that you're gonna learnreact recordshardcorepunkhardcore punkstraight edgesxevinylrecordsrecord collection

23rd July 2014

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Enough Said

"Heritage Day"

Fine Print Records 2014

Tagged: enough saidheritage dayfine print recordshardcorepunkhardcore punkcassettetapevinyrecordsrecord collection

22nd July 2014

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Triple B Records 2012

(first press - clear blue vinyl  /600)

Tagged: cleardemoTriple B Recordshardcorepunkstraight edgevinylrecordsrecord collection

21st July 2014

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The Promise Ring

"Nothing Feels Good"

Jade Tree Records 1997

Tagged: the promise ringnothing feels goodjade tree records90s emoemopunkcap'n jazzdavey vonbohlen

20th July 2014

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"This Is Not Enough Stand Up And Fucking Fight"

Mortarhate Records 1985

Tagged: conflictthis is not enough stand up and fucking fightmortarhatepunkanarcho punkvinylrecordsrecord collection

19th July 2014

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Colin Of Arabia / Pressvre


6131 Records 2009

(blood red vinyl  /250)

Tagged: colin of arabiapressvrestalemate6131 recordspunkhardcorevinylrecordsrecord collection

18th July 2014

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Caustic Christ

"No Love"

Havoc Records 2002

Tagged: Caustic Christno lovehavoc recordspunkhardcorevinylrecordsrecord collectionaus rotten

17th July 2014

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Charles Bronson

"Youth Attack!"

Lengua Armada 1997

Tagged: charles bronsonyouth attack!Lengua Armadahardcorepunkvinylrecordsrecord collectionmark mccoy

16th July 2014

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"I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted"

Count Your Lucky Stars / Square Of Opposition Records 2010

(first press - black vinyl  /600)

Tagged: snowingI Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wantedcount your lucky starssquare of oppositionreal emoemopunkvinylrecordsrecord collectioncyls

15th July 2014

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Suicidal Tendencies

Frontier Records 1983

Tagged: suicidal tendenciesfrontier recordspunkhardcorevenicevinylrecordsrecord collection